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yorkie puppy imagePuppy-hood can be one of the most enjoyable times in your dogs life, but it will also be trying as well. Be prepared to laugh a lot due to the many antics your puppy will do, just remember to be very patient with your new puppy as they learn their way and mature.





yorkie imageYorkie Puppies are some of the most adorable little puppies you will ever find. Along with their adorability they are also easy to train and make a great pet to travel with and keep with you were ever you go. They are very clean and do not shed.












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Care Instructions For Yorkie Puppies


Socialization of Yorkie Puppies

When looking for Yorkie Puppies For Sale, always inquire about what steps are taken to for puppy socialization. Their inherited traits and training is what you will ultimately be dealing with.

Once Yorkie Puppies arrive home, it is very important to give them adequate time to settle in and acclimate to their new surroundings. Some important key factors to keep in mind are to be sure your new puppy gets plenty of quite time and sleep. First time travel and being away from their litter-mates is stressful on young puppies. Keeping them on a daily routine will aid in helping them get through their adjustment period. This will also help with potty training your new little one as well. You will have to be very understanding and reassure your puppy if they are acting the least bit uncertain or shy. Keep play time down to short sessions with plenty of quite time in between. Also play close attention to their food intact at every meal time, this is to be sure that your new puppy is not skipping any meals, with the new excitement of being in a new home, a puppy might not be as interested in eating as they normally would. This is something that should not be over looked. Be sure your puppy eats according to the feeding schedule that your Yorkie breeder sent with your new puppy. For more information on what to feed your yorkie puppies or how much to feed see more on our Yorkie puppies feeding page. Puppy rearing and socialization play a vital role in the overall outcome of your Yorkie puppies attitude and personality. Even though a puppy is born with certain characteristics and personality traits, which are inherited from their parents, these can be altered by the puppies environment and experiences at critical periods in a puppy’s development. The goal of socialization is to cultivate and rear the puppy to its fullest potential as they mature.


We recommend Nylabones, Kongs and hooves for chew toys. Beware of toys with loose parts or squeakers. Do not allow chewing on old shoes or clothing because they will not understand the difference between the old and the new. When you catch them chewing on something inappropriate, respond with a sharp ”no” and replace the “bad to chew” item with a “good to chew” one. If you choose to play tug of war games with your pup realize that in his eyes you will be on the same level as a litter mate. This can make training difficult because the pup needs to view you as the “alpha” in his pack in order to follow your instructions.


This is a difficult time during transition with Yorkie puppies and requires loads of patience and consistency. Keep strictly to a feeding schedule and remember that food treats are food. Puppy has to go to the bathroom IMMEDIATELY upon waking up; 5 minutes after each meal; whenever playing actively and excited-love, praise, reward. It is essential that puppy does not have free run of the house during housebreaking. Crate training method is explained further on a separate page on my website. When you go out please be sure you use a well-fit harness and lead. Never put a collar on a puppy or tie anything around their neck while unsupervised. Watch out for big dogs and things they might want to nibble that would make them sick. If you have a fenced yard for play, please supervise outside time. Hawks have been known to scoop them up. There is also danger from ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. We recommend Revolution to help protect them against heart worm and fleas. Always use ½ the dose recommended. Never use full strength or more than recommended for their weight.


Grooming is good bonding time. Face wash and ear checks, teeth brushing, nail trims weekly. Baths about twice a month though we do them every 10 days. Brush outs vary with coat length. We suggest you keep the coat trimmed very short below the tail (the anus area) for cleanliness and to prevent the puppy from having an impacted butt, this can be detrimental to your puppy. It is traditional to trim the top 1/3 of the ear as well. If you choose to use a professional groomer please make sure they do not use automatic dryers. Keep a close eye on teeth. Permanent teeth begin to emerge between 4-6 months and they will sometimes have difficulty losing their baby canine teeth. This is when we give them big natural bones to chew on. This is what gets their baby teeth out so that the new ones can come in straight and in the correct position. It may be necessary for your vet to pull these for proper oral hygiene. This is usually done while they are sedated for spay/neuter to avoid unnecessary anesthesia. Isofluorane is the only safe anesthesia for Yorkie puppies.


This breed of dog usually likes to travel but we suggest that you stay close to home for the first week to give them time to adjust to their new home. Limit visitors. When you do vacation, know that many hotels are doggy friendly and you may be able to bring them along. You can look Online and find a listing for pet friendly hotels. If not, please carefully select a dog sitter. Your local kennel club should be able to make recommendations.


Consistency in discipline is key. DO NOT HIT. Use positive training methods. Always instill security and love and hug your puppy. TIMING and type of discipline is most important. No discipline unless you catch puppy in the act-1 second after; do nothing. Biting may be done in play. Puppies out grow this stage and is normal for all breeds of dogs. Only discipline your puppy if you catch the puppy in the act and you are able to stop the puppy quickly at the inception or during the act itself. The puppy should receive positive reinforcement once the action is stopped.

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Puppy Tips

A baby playpen can be used for your puppy when quite time is required such as time to eat, take naps and when it is time for bed. We keep a puppy bed on one side with a washable pooch pad at the other for when the puppy needs to go potty.

This also gives the puppy a sense of security as dogs in the wild use a den burrowed into the dirt for seclusion of their puppies.



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