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Puppy Proof Your Home

Yorkie Puppy Proof Your Home for your new puppy's arrival, your Yorkie puppies will have a naturalYorkie Puppy at 6 months of Age curiosity for what seems to be everything and anything they can get their mouth on. This makes it necessary to look around and remove a lot of items out of your new puppies reach that might not normally seem to pose a danger.

Keep small objects off the floor that could be accidentally swallowed by puppy. Some examples would be coins, paper, pins, cigarette butts, small toys, candy, trash. You should also remove houseplants, potted trees from the floor as many common houseplants can be toxic to dogs. Also be aware when taking medication that a pill does not accidentally fall to the floor. This would include over the counter and prescription drugs.

Also keep in mind what might be on the coffee tables and such that might unknowingly encourage your dog to jump up in hopes to get into something they should not have. Such things would be a bag of chips or snake treats, a dinner plate with uneaten food, a box of pizza. Newspapers, Magazines, and anything else you might think would be enticing to your little one. Keeping these types of things further out of reach will help assist in keeping your puppy safe until he or she is a little older and they know better than to get into so many things.

Other things to avoid your Yorkie puppy getting into or a hold of is your waste paper baskets, toilet bowel, electrical cords, power strips, telephone lines, speaker wire, television coax cable just to name some that come to mind.

Never use mouse bait or poison as it is fatal to dogs and they are attracted to the taste. It is too easy for them to ingest mouse poison and not even know, once a puppy or dog show signs of being poisoned; it is usually too late to prevent death in a lot of cases. The same goes with antifreeze for your vehicle. They are very attracted to the taste and it is fatal to dogs and puppies. Also keep cleaning products and soaps out of your puppy's reach. Use extreme caution with any pesticides, or pesticides service you might use in or around the house.

At Christmas time be careful of the tree along with Christmas ornaments and other seasonal decorations that look way to fun for your puppy to take notice. Burning candles could be easily tipped over by your Yorkie puppy.

Show caution with stairs, decks, and any basement doorways or open windows from upper levels of the home.

Always keep a close eye on your puppy when inside or out. It will help make your puppies transition a smooth one as he gets to know and also acquainted to his new family and surroundings.

Image of Yorkie Puppy Playing


Puppy Safety

Because of this breeds natural fearless attitude and characteristics, Yorkies puppies can find themselves in harms way much quicker than one would think possible.

Special care should be given up to a year of age to protect them from breaking any legs. Jumping from furniture of any kind can cause a broken front leg. This breed is very small and their leg bones are very susceptible during their growth stages.


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